Escapade Lite is for people who are looking for unique and personalized experiences, still remaining within a comfortable budget. We are always there taking into account, your personal interests and hobbies while planning your holiday such as, art and culture lovers would find relevant places and activities in their itinerary design, while being on a holiday planned by us, and will thus have a holistic experience.

For those who just want to embark upon, one of our worry-free, popular escapades. Guess what? You can still tailor it to your preferences. Try our premium features for that.

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Istanbul Like Never Before

This off the beaten path itinerary of Istanbul blends the best of both old and new Istanbul where one can retrace the footsteps of the mighty Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman

The Turkish Delight

Step back into ancient history by exploring the heart of world's culture capital; the once mighty Constantinople, the capital of Roman/Byzantine Empire and the beating heart of Ottoman Empire. Trace

Journey to the Arctic North

Exciting 11-to-12-day journey through 2 Scandinavian Capitals navigating the Arctic Circle through Norway, all the way up to the Northern most point in Europe which is a unique one-time experience.

Scandinavian Adventure; Urban and Unique Natural Wonders

Exciting 12-day journey through 3 Scandinavian Capitals navigating the whole breadth of Norway including world’s most scenic train ride through mountains, snow and breathtaking waterfalls and Fjords. With the thrill

The Magnificent Budapest

Its time to explore the capital city of Hungary and one of the most magnificent European capitals in every sense, be it the historical, cultural, political and architectural prowess that

Alpine Escapade to St. Moritz

Discover the stylish lifestyle of the modern Alpine resort town of St. Moritz in the upper Engadine region of Switzerland with all its charm and seasonal activities. Be it winter

Grand Capitals of Europe

This is an itinerary to explore the grand capitals of Europe which also happen to be a few of most important capitals in the world, owing to their historic and

The Golden Sands of Algarve

This is an unforgettable experience of visiting the beauty and serenity of Algarve region in Southern Portugal. The rugged mountains along the emerald green waters and golden sand beaches of

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