Like any love affair, my love affair with Italy was not as simple as it seemed to be. There were complications too complex and sometimes too heavy, that I was forced to think why that place was not kind to

One of my favourite autumn/winter memories is flying to Budapest for work. I was working for a Hungarian Oil and Gas company in Italy and for work related training and professional conferences, I flew to Budapest quite often. However short-lived,

With limited resources from home, I mostly relied on the Mensa Card (Food voucher card) from the university which we could swipe at university affiliated resturaunts, cafes and grocery shops and could get 7.5 Euros worth of meals, per day.

Italy is an exceptionally fascinating country in many ways. To me it never was and never will be just the land of Pizza and Pasta unlike the common misconception. Not everyone is named Mario with the moustache like that of

Escapade Lite’s travel idea is neither that of a backpacking trip, nor a couch surfing adventure. For us, it is your trip of a lifetime very much in your budget and with the ease of the connections and money saving

Even though I had spent most of my childhood abroad and the idea of travelling was not new to me, landing in Italy and starting a new life proved to be a completely different experience from what I had perceived,