What sets us apart from the run of the mill tour guide service?

We want to bridge the gap between a travel package and a tour guide. Between these two there is always something very important that is missing;  what “you” want. Because what a tour guide shows you or a travel planner plans for you, is a generic information about popular destinations in general and for the most part does not consider your personality and choices.

Whereas we want to customize it according to your preferences and let “you” decide what you want to see and leave the “how to” part to us.

People are either stuck in their commute to  9-5 jobs and/or a dull home office routine,  which adds to the misery and takes away the joy of  observing and admiring the things around. Even the most beautiful cities become a part of mechanical life and a race with the clock and so lose their charm. At Escapade Lite, we are very well aware of this monotony and dullness as we all have been there. Right? 

Everyone deserves an escape from real life every now and then and Escapade Lite is there for you to give you your perfect escapade. Regular breaks from practical life and immersing oneself into exploring the joys of this world, takes pressure off, gives one a rightfully earned getaway thus increasing motivation and productivity.  We take the stress of the research and planning off you, so that you can travel with a light mind and heart, and that too in a budget that suits your pheasibility. Amazing, isn’t it?