Step back into ancient history by exploring the heart of world’s culture capital; the once mighty Constantinople, the capital of Roman/Byzantine Empire and the beating heart of Ottoman Empire. Trace the path of ancient Romans to the beloved mineral rich thermal waters of cascading pools of spa city of Pamukkale, all the way to the fairy chimneys of the Monk Valley of Cappadocia. This is an Extended Package.

ESCAPADE ENDS AT Istanbul , Turkey
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Day 1

Arival in Istanbul and get settled

Day 2

Explore Istanbul, the heart of Constantinople echoing the many reverberations of the past history exploring the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Mosque and other gems of Taksim Square.

Day 3

Discover the charm and the grandeur of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet) and the neighbourhood.

Day 4

Visit the alluring Roman spa city of Pamukkale and soak your worries away in the mineral rich thermal waters.

Day 5

Get bedazzeled by the ancient theater of Hierapolis and admire the full extent of the “White Paradise”.

Day 6

Arrive in the heartland of Anatolia and explore the rugged terrain of unique stone formations of the vallys of Cappadocia.

Day 7

Take a walk through the remarkable fairy tales scenary of Göreme open air museum and a hot air balloon ride over the honeycombed hills watching the psychedelic sunset.

Day 8

Journey back to Istanbul and relax with an evening along a shores of Bosphorus.

Day 9

Departure home

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Sights and Monuments This trip is a perfect opportunity for explorers who enjoy tracing their footsteps back into history. Turkey is a perfect place to admire the imprints of several mighty Empires from ancient Roman times to the fierce domination of Ottomans over European continent all the way up to the Arabian Peninsula. You will get to see the Roman and Byzantine ancient ruins, the famous palaces which served as seats to Ottoman emperors and much more.
Adventures Quench your thirst for adventure wandering through the fairy tale conical shaped mountains of the villages in Cappadocia valley get your adrenaline pumping soaring high over the surreal mountains in a hot air balloon.
Recuperation/Wellness Turkey hosts a great number of Hammams dating back to the Ottoman era and is home to many spa towns offering wellness and healing opportunities through ancient hammam rituals and the goodness of mineral rich water flowing through the spa towns. It is a perfect place to unwind, let go and be with yourselves to detox and cleanse your bodies and minds from all the worries.
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