I am an Environmental Scientist and Engineer by qualification, strongly enthusiastic for sustainability and reduction of environmental impacts and their contribution to Global Climate Change. I am quite a restless soul and always wonder what’s beyond where I am. When I reach the summit of a mountain, I always wonder what it would be like to be on top of the mountain opposite to where I am and what scenery it would bring forth from there. 

I have lived, studied and worked in six countries on three continents, visited over 26 countries and have always believed in striving forward in life. The thirst to explore more and do much more than I already have, has been my one true inspiration to go on in life.  I believe in always tackling the life challenges thrown at us, head on and with fierce courage and strength because shying away never solves anything. Life is not a fairytale but it also does not have to be a mere myriad of goals and milestones based on expectations mostly set by other people for us. Each of my journeys taught me different things and I realized that the whole world speaks one language; the language of love. Just smile and try to engage in a pleasant conversation and before you know you are having a great talk with a total stranger (well, most of the times). 

Having lived in Italy for over a decade, I have fallen deeply and madly in love with the place and I know for a fact that Italy is my most beloved place in the whole wide world. The experience of arriving in Europe and my first few days in Italy can be enjoyed in the blog “First few days in Italy and Feeling of Europe”.

At Escapade Lite, I will share it all with you; the joys of the magical lake of Como which had been and always will be my home in Italy, white sand beaches of Puglia, the majestic beauty of Rome, the maze of canals in Amsterdam, golden sand and rugged mountains of Lagos, the wilderness of Scandinavia and what not. I want to show it all to you, the beauty, the culture, the art, the history, you name it. I am very sure that you will enjoy it as profoundly and passionately as I have and continue to do so. The secret is not in what you see, it is “how” you see it and really “experience” it.